About the Washington Cattle Feeders Association

WCFA...Representing the Cattle Community, Protecting Feeder Interests

Whether protecting feeder interests in the Northwest or in the Nation’s Capital, the Washington Cattle Feeders Association proudly represents cattle community members in their efforts to produce the best beef in the world and be profitable.

Today’s tough issues require expert knowledge and timely response. The WCFA is an affiliate of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, this helps us provide members with the information and credible representation cattle feeders need in Washington DC to be successful.

The Washington Cattle Feeders Association is the legislative and regulatory monitoring arm for the cattle feeding community across Washington State.  WCFA advocates for cattle feeders by actively monitoring legislative issues in Olympia and by maintaining good working relationships and dialogues with the State’s regulatory agencies, while also working with elected officials to promote the interests of cattle feeders across Washington State.

The Association is governed by a board of a minimum of five (5) and a maximum of thirteen (13) directors elected to represent cattle feeders across the entire state.  These Board members are required to be regularly engaged in the feeding and marketing of cattle in the State of Washington.  The Directors are elected to three (3) year terms, staggered so that no more than one third (1/3) expire in any one year.


Our Mission Statement:

Be a united voice for Washington’s cattle feeders, protect, collaborate and educate to help ensure the continued success of our State’s Beef Community.