Gerd Sievers circa 1990

Our organization thrives today thanks to a legacy of strong leaders.


The Washington Cattle Feeders Association was formed in March of 1958.  The original purpose for coming together as cattle feeders was to gather, analyze and distribute facts, data and information relative to the cattle feeding business; to publish cattle marketing and sales reports and services; and to disseminate advice and data of an educational and instructive nature concerning improvements in the techniques of raising, feeding and marketing of cattle. 

WCFA was also formed to better the conditions of those engaged in cattle feeding; to improve the breeds and characteristics of cattle, and to aid in the development of a higher degree of efficiency in the cattle feeders and the general public; to provide an office and meeting place and other facilities necessary or desirable for carrying out the above purposes, and for the use and benefit of cattle feeders and the general public.

Leadership Legacy

The WCFA has benefitted from decades of strong leadership. This list of past Presidents represents a continual effort to improve cattle feeding and the climate for doing so in Washington over the course of 50 years.

1971 John Greenwalt

1972-1974 Wally McMinimee 

1974-1976 Joe A. Herres

1976-1978 Robert H. Lundgren

1978-1980 Dick Van de Graaf

1980-1982 Arvid Monson

1982-1983 J.C. Courtwright

1983-1985 Saxon Fleming

1985-1986 Gerd Sievers

1986-1988 Harold Cox

1988-1990 Mike Para

1990-1992 Mark Arstein

1992-1994 Mike Lundgren

1994-1995 Bill Hays

1995-1997 Rick Van de Graaf

1997-1998 Art Prior

1998-2000 Bill Monson

2000-2002 Ed Field

2002-2004 Steve Erickson

2004-2006 Keith Pearce

2006-2008 David Secrist

2008-2010 Cody Easterday

2010-2012 Ron Reyer

2012-2014 Mike Davis

2014-2016 Will Derting

2016-2018 Rob Miller

2018-2020 Jared Easterday

2020 - 2022 Camas Uebelacker